The original guitar chair

The Details Make the Difference!

The spotlight is in your eyes. The clapping slowly subsides. You feel the tension in your chest as your heart beats faster. Adjusting your guitar, you concentrate on the first line of music as you place your fingers on the fretboard. All eyes are on you. The audience silently waits as you play the first note…

The Original Guitar Chair

This is not the time to worry about the
uncomfortable chair you are sitting in.

The Original Guitar Chair was designed with the combination of a physical therapist’s knowledge of ergonomics and the artistic ability of an architect. The result is a chair that gives you the comfort and support you need, while being so beautiful you will be proud to perform in it.

Although the Original Guitar Chair was specifically designed for the classical guitarist, any musician in need of an armless chair with lower back support can use it. The Original Guitar Chair also has a very comfortable cushioned seat and back and it folds for easy transport. It will allow you to practice longer and perform without the distraction of discomfort and instability.

The Original Guitar Chair is built using only the finest, locally sourced Ozark walnut, cherry, and oak solid hardwoods. Each chair is meticulously handcrafted in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in the small shop of an accomplished woodworker, and the studio of an experienced artisan, both of whom are musicians.

Whether you are playing for your family and friends, demonstrating for a student, or performing on stage in front of a large audience, the spotlight is on you.

Chair Features

    • Ergonomic design helps reduce stress on the back.*
    • Cut-away seat design allows for the proper positioning of the leg
    • Durable, padded seat makes playing comfortable for hours
    • Padded back support helps to reduce or relieve lower back pain.*
    • Chair folds flat for easy transportation and storage

* This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or disorders.