TestimonialsquoteI opened the chair yesterday and used it for a couple of hours last night and again today. I’ve tried many chairs and chair substitutes over the years but this one is truly a “guitar chair”. I look forward to many comfortable practice sessions. In addition to the comfort, you know classical players can get fussy about woods and woodmanship and the craftsmanship of your chair is a compliment to the great instruments it is built for.
John, Oakland, California

quoteI’ve had my chair for a week now, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. I’ve been using it in conjunction with a Dynarette cushion, and I’ve been able to play for extended sessions with no discomfort at all. If you knew how much my back had been acting up, you’d realize what a remarkable statement that is. The chair is designed so that I can press against the back, and the Dynarette cushion allows me to keep my feet flat the floor. It’s those two factors that seem to keep the stress off my creaking back. The quality of the build is also very impressive. The cushioning is plush and comfortable, and the material you used to cover it seems heavy duty. The wood frame is also very sturdy. And your workmanship is impeccable! You may count me as a satisfied customer, thank you very much.
Willard, Branford, Connecticut

quoteI have been using my chair for about two weeks now, and I’m happy to say that it is everything I wanted. I practice a couple of hours a day and at 63 even though my back is in very good condition, I have been experiencing some lower back aches especially in the morning. Now, they are largely gone, so I know they were related to my playing posture. The back rest is worth the price alone, but that in addition to the overall comfort of the chair, plus the excellent craftsmanship, make the guitar chair a wonderful product. So please keep it up! And thanks for the great service.
Jay, Memphis, Tenessee

quoteI am happy to report that my chair finally arrived today, in pristine condition. The chair is gorgeous with impeccable craftsmanship. The design forces you to sit in the most ergonomic position for extended play. The chair is certainly a long time investment. I can see myself enjoying my Guitar Chair for years to come. Thank you for such an enjoyable product.
Sergio, Mexico City, Mexico

quoteMy husband is absolutely thrilled with the chairs and thinks they are just wonderful! One chair is for our home in Scotland and the other is for our holiday home in Donegal, Ireland. Tom is looking forward to sitting in our sun room in Ireland this weekend, looking out over the beach, playing his guitar in comfort on your fabulous stool! Thank you so much for the time you have taken personally overseeing this order. It is very much appreciated.
Clare, Glasgow, Scotland

quoteJust finished a 2 1/2 hour recording session (almost all of it sitting down in your nicely made chair). No problems. No numbness. No more uncomfortable than anyone would be after sitting that long in intense concentration mode. Very nice, in fact.
Bob, Brooklyn, New York

quoteJust wanted you to know that I received my chair a couple of weeks ago safe and sound and that – more importantly – my wife absolutely loves it. It was her birthday a few days ago so it was only then that I could get a guitar players verdict. She finds it so much better than what we had before and it is really helping her posture. Also, thanks again for picking out a good chair – I can’t find fault with the finish and it looks just great with our oak floors! Thankyou so much for your great service,
Kerrin, Edinburgh, Scotland

quoteThe chair arrived yesterday afternoon and my first impression was that I had made a big mistake. It looked very small compared to the chair I have been using, I sat in it and thought the back support was much too low to afford any serious support and in looking at the right leg cutaway I felt the chair was designed for someone other than me, a bluegrass, folk music fan who plays dreadnaught guitars and mandolin. I play in 2 to 3 jam sessions a week and rarely go home without some lower back pain. I’m 64 and retired. This morning was the folk group jam so I took the chair along to give it a road test. Three hours later I packed up pain free. I am sold. This is the best I’ve felt after playing music in a long time. I just sent your web address to one of the guys from the jam. The chair looks as good as it works even if it does look “small”. Thank you for building a product here in America that lives up to it’s advertising.
Dennis, Bluffton, South Carolina

quoteAs an amateur woodworker, I was impressed by the wonderful craftsmanship. And as someone in their 60s struggling to learn classical guitar, it’s great to have a chair where I can sit well supported and in comfort. Thank you for what you do with skill and great care.
Aaron, Interlochen, Michigan

quoteThe chair is beautifully crafted with a deceptively simple design that’s sure to do wonders for my back. No assembly required!
Dan, Oakland, California

quoteJust a quick note to let you know my guitar chair arrived a few minutes ago in perfect condition. Thank you for such a beautiful and functional work of art. I am very pleased and look forward to using and admiring it for many years to come.
David, Richmond, Virginia

quoteThe chair is solidly constructed and a beautiful piece of furniture. Naturally, I had to try it out before I take it over to my classical guitar instructor as a belated Christmas gift. Since I currently use either a standard wooden stool or a drummer’s seat when I play my guitar, I was amazed at the extent of increased comfort and stability the padded back of the chair provides. Then too the whole design of the chair allows complete and unrestricted freedom of movement. Bravo!!! I will soon be placing my order for the same chair. Many thanks for your help and for the quality products you make.
Ron, Arlington, Texas

quoteThe chair is very comfortable. The height is perfect and the lumbar support is great. I practiced for a few hours this morning and my back likes this chair much better than the stool that I usually use. I will probably take the chair traveling and may order the case one of these days.
Chris, Minnetonka, Minnesota

quoteI wanted to thank you for rushing the chair out for Christmas. You did a fabulous job and the chair is just beautiful. I know why everyone raves about them now…
Karen, Oakland, California

quoteI received the chair and carrying case today. I am very impressed! The chair is absolutely beautiful and very nice quality design. The carrying case is perfect for transporting the chair anywhere. Thank you very much for your efforts in getting the chair here. It is a wonderful Christmas present to myself.
Bill, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

quoteI wish more of the people I do business with had your customer service ethic. One thing that is very nice about the chair, I find it improves my posture making playing noticebly more comfortable. I am sure I’ll be lugging this chair everywhere I play.
Kevin, Clarksburg, Maryland

quoteI have been using the chair now for about 1 month and the more I use it the more relaxed and comfortable I am when playing the guitar. I especially love the cherrywood which is beautifully finished.
Robert, Playa Vista, California

quoteWe have already received the guitar chair. My son loves it very much. It’s very beautiful.
Chris, Hong Kong

quoteHOORAY. ITS ARRIVED, ITS FAB and I LOVE IT. You have done a fantastic job in making the chair. The upholstery is beautiful and the cherry wood gorgeous. What more can I say. I have already sat and played “Classical Gas”. Wonderful.
Maurice, Wexford, Ireland

quoteThe chairs are beautiful and I am very pleased. They are also very comfortable. I happened to go to a guitar concert this weekend, and there on stage was your chair. Thank you very much.
Jon, Brooklyn, New York

quoteThe chair is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. What an ingenious design. I’m thrilled to have a woman built chair. And yes, my current guitar is being built by a woman. What great karma…
Thanks so much!
Lisa, Scottsdale, Arizona

quoteI received the chair today and it is a fine piece of workmanship. You are an excellent artisan. Thanks again for the chair I am already using it and am sure I will be for years to come.
David, Albuquerque, New Mexico

quoteJust a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying my guitar chair. The craftsmanship is really top notch, from the woodworking to the finish.
Keep up the good work!
David, Summerville, South Carolina

quoteMike is VERY pleased with the chair, thinks it is very high quality workmanship, and it must be comfortable as he seems to be spending more time playing his guitar. Thanks again for sending it so quickly. Good luck with your endeavors.
Frankie, Milton, Ontario, Canada

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